About Us

Mission Statement of the NWT Wellness Society

To enhance personal wellness – and ultimately the overall health of our communities – by providing educational and networking opportunities for residents and practitioners of the NWT.

Goals of the NWT Wellness Society

  1. Sharing our wisdom to educate the community on the different modalities of healing available in the North and how they can be integrated to create healing and overall better health.
  2. Celebrating and promoting the resources available in the North in regards to wellness.
  3. Creating a network of wellness and health practitioners.
  4. Supporting local health care practitioners by offering them an opportunity to promote their services and programs.

Our History

Since 2012, the NWT Wellness Society has held an annual conference as a way to carry out its Mission Statement. The format included an evening keynote speaker address, a variety of local health and wellness practitioner workshops and panels, a networking event for local practitioners, and a weekend long resource fair of local health and wellness practitioners.

In 2016, the NWT Wellness Society changed its format to hold separate events throughout the year, connecting residents with wellness services in our communities and offering health and wellness individuals or groups the opportunity to share their knowledge with our communities.

Who should Attend?

These events are designed for anyone interested in their own personal health and well-being, or the health and well-being of their loved ones.

NWT Wellness Society Steering Committee 2019

  • Bree Denning, Chair
  • Johanna Tiemessen, Marketing Coordinator
  • Connie Taylor, Finance Coordinator
  • Sara Aloimonos, Committee Member
  • Marino Casebeer, Committee Member
  • Pat Knutson, Committee Member
  • Cathy Corrigan, Committee Member
  • Janell Dautel, Committee Member
  • Ozgur Oner, Committee Member
  • Bert Hausauer, Committee Member